ThreeSquares® – SureQuest’s OnDemand Food Service Management Software System

ThreeSquares® – SureQuest’s OnDemand Dining Management Software System enables smart companies to deliver person-directed care and a unique dining experience that brings compliments from your Clients and their loved ones.  Whether your business is in the healthcare, hospitality, corrections, or education industry, SureQuest has the solution for you!

You will also be pleased with the efficiencies and cost savings that come from integrated and automated food service operations for both single dining operations and multiple diverse facilities.

And your staff will enjoy the ease-of-use, friendly support and industry-exclusive menu data services that SureQuest is famous for.

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  • Compliments rather than complaints
  • No more mistakes or wasted trays
  • Instant communication between clinical, dining and foodservices
  • Happy, productive and efficient staff
  • Better control of spiraling food costs
  • Centralized or distributive control of multiple diverse facilities
  • Improved food service quality, compliance and profitability


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The main advantage of Solution Synergie® is that we only use one system to meet this requirement, where we used to have to use 3 systems (Synergy, Word, and Excel). Every time I make a change to a Recipe or Menu in Solution Synergie®, it automatically flows through to the French and English. This increases accuracy and saves time!

Monique Pigeon, RD, Manager of Food Services

Pioneer Manor

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SureQuest guarantees your satisfaction with our solutions and services in three unique areas.


SureQuest will integrate and streamline your clinical, dining and patient information areas to save you money.


SureQuest will meet the needs of your residents’ individual dietary requirements and preferences, and will give you the flexibility you need to manage multiple diverse dining facilities.


SureQuest will give you industry exclusive menu data services, friendly caring support people, and the easiest to use software on the planet.

Click here to learn more, or contact us at 800-383-1999 if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you transform your dining and food service operations.

Tim Sudderth, CEO
SureQuest Systems, Inc.