Green Tea On Your Menu? Maybe It Should Be!

March 1, 2012

A new study has been published in The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition that shows there may be some interesting benefits to including green tea on your menu, particularly for seniors. The study gathered data on almost 14000 Japanese individuals, aged 65+, about their dietary intake and other lifestyle factors. The questionnaire was collected in 2006. Data on functional disability was gathered from the public Long-Term Care Insurance database. The conclusion of the study was that green tea consumption did have a positive impact on function disability, showing that seniors who took in the most green tea had the greatest independence and were least likely to develop problems with activities of daily living. To read the whole study, please click here. Original article found on MSNBC Health.

Do you include green tea as an option on your menu? Would your clients be open to the introduction of green tea? Do you feel that including this on your menu would be beneficial?

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