“Eat Fit” Menu A Hit With Employees at Texas Health Plano Hospital

March 8, 2012

Another Texas hospital jumps on board the healthy cafeteria menu craze; this time it is Texas Health Plano. Though not associated with an initiative such as the ยกPor Vida! campaign like San Antonio University Hospital, Texas Health Plano felt it needed to provide healthy, affordable options to the employees and guests to the hospital.

Texas Health Plano introduced the “Eat Fit” options in late November. They began to give employees who choose to purchase an “Eat Fit!” meal a 30% discount and since then the healthy option sales have been up 14%. The meals comply with USDA standards and are all under 500 calories.

The dining management team had their hands full designing this menu and had to get creative. They based the menu off of the Hearth Healthy menu that is given to select hospital patients.

To read the whole story on KDAF Dallas/FtWorth, click here.

Have you made a recent change to your menu to include healthier options in the cafeteria? The discount is a great idea to encourage healthy choices among employees, is that something your cafeteria would consider doing? Or do you have other great ideas to encourage healthy eating?

SureQuest’s team of Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Professionals is here for you and would LOVE to help you make the addition of healthier dining options in your facility!

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