November 2011

Is your facility equipped to handle the population considered “the oldest old”? According to a report from the National Institute on Aging and the U.S. Census Bureau, 20% of people in their early ninety’s, 30% of people in their late ninety’s, and 40% of centenarians live in nursing homes. To read the entire U.S. Census […]

At Vintage Senior Living, big changes are being made in the food service department. These changes are nutritious and eco-friendly, positively impacting the residents and staff of this senior living community. Shawn Stanchfield, the Corporate Director of Food Service for the organization, is at the head of this development. To read more on this organization’s movement […]

Here at SureQuest we try and stay on top of emerging technology and trends; right now, the key movement is towards OnDemand software solutions. I can hear what you’re thinking, “Oh great. I just figured out how to use my software, now we’re changing?!” or “I don’t even know what that means, so thus, it’s […]

What would you do with 1 million? 30 million? The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has an enticing incentive to lower cost, increase health, and and improve care to those who provide for recipients of health benefits. Implement a new idea, develop different methods, be a leader in your field; these things can all […]

Healthcare Goes Gourmet

November 17, 2011

Hospital or institutional food services haven’t always gotten the best reviews. Here at SureQuest we’re changing that. And it IS possible to do that in a way that fits within your budget restraints and organizational goals. Southcoast Health System, a hospital system in Massachusetts, recently competed with nine other facilities to see who could produce […]

According to an article on USA Today’s “Your Life” section of their website by contributing author Kate Parham, dietary choices can help to prevent flu and other illnesses by boosting your immune system. Her sources for the article included Tonia Reinhard, R.D. and author of Superfoods, and Joel Furhman, M.D. and author of Super Immunity. […]

Medicare has a new rule that will impact how it reimburses hospitals for patient care. This rule is called the “Affordable Care Act” and is based almost entirely off of patient satisfaction. According to the act hospitals with the highest patient satisfaction and care ranking, based on a survey given to a random sampling of […]

Planning a special holiday meal at your facility? Be prepared to pay more than last year! Like so much else in our country today food prices are rising, including for holiday staples such as turkey. Read the whole story here on NBC29 News. ThreeSquares® OnDemand software includes a costing component to help you control your spending for holiday meals. […]

On Oct. 17th the Pioneer Network released a new Dining Practice Standards publication to continue the shift in culture change in nursing homes. To read the publication for yourself please Click Here. The publication intends to increase the shift to person-centered and individualized care in nursing homes, of which food and dining are a large […]