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What's a great product without great people? Our team of 30 staff are passionate, innovative and full of energy! Interested in joining our team? Learn about open positions and apply here.

Our Leadership Team

Sean Rowe - President & CEO
Joining the team in early 2016, Sean brings 15 years of software development, business, marketing and sales experience to the team at SureQuest.

Prior to his role at SureQuest, Sean has successfully launched 7 technology companies in various industries including Healthcare, Risk Management, Food Service and Golf.

Alma Sudderth - VP Product Design, Solutions Architect (MS, RDN, CSG, LD)
As one of the founders of SureQuest, Alma brings 35+ years of Food and Nutrition Industry experience as Vice President of Product Design and Solutions Architect. Prior to her role at SureQuest, Alma was a Clinical and Administrative Dietitian Director for major medical centers in the United States.

When Alma has personal time, she chooses to spend it with her grandchildren and in helping others in various volunteer efforts.

Melinda Safir - Data Services Manager (MS, RDN, LD)
In July 2015, Melinda Safir, joined the SureQuest team as the Data Services Manager. Melinda is a Registered Dietitian with a diverse background and experience in clinical dietetics, supermarket nutrition, food service and restaurant nutrition. She understands the importance of maintaining data integrity and nutritional accuracy within the ThreeSquares Cloud and strives to anticipate and exceed customer's data needs.

Melinda enjoys spending time with her family and is a proud soccer mom of two soccer "superstars". When she has a few moments to herself, she also enjoys reading, playing piano and creating kid-inspired jeweled keepsake treasure boxes.

Holly Wainscott - Implementation and Training Manager (RDN, LD)
Holly Wainscott joined the SureQuest team in April of 2013 as a project manager. In early 2016 was promoted to Training and Implementation Manager. Holly takes great pride in ensuring the quality of training, customer success and the software implementation process.

In her spare time, Holly enjoys volunteer work, namely working with the homeless and leading a woman's life group. She also enjoys Yoga and Body Barre.

Victoria Thrash - Technical Support Manager (RDN)
Victoria joined the SureQuest Support Team in 2011. In 2016, Victoria was promoted to Support Manager overseeing the technical and functional support teams. Victoria takes great pride in sharing her industry and software knowledge with the team.

When Victoria has spare time, you can find her with her two dogs, reading, taking walks and participating in craft projects.