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College & UniversityCOLLEGE & UNIVERSITY

Across colleges and universities today, student’s expectation of foodservice is growing ever more complex. They are better educated and aware of healthy eating habits and consequently expect food and nutrition data that supports their nutritional goals and expectations. Against this backdrop, Foodservices Departments are having to deliver higher level services often with less staff and lower budgets.

ThreeSquares Cloud Pro is designed to meet the needs of small to mid-size colleges and universities who might have thought foodservice automation was not affordable or not practical given their staffing. The system is designed to allow quick and ready access to develop, cost and nutritionally analyze recipes and menus for your operation. Now, you can have the tool you need to meet your student’s expectations, deliver nutritional information, and meet your budgets time after time.

Menu MangementMenu Management

Create and manage your menus with ease! Whether your campus has one main dining facility or multiple dining venues ThreeSquares Cloud Pro provides a complete menu development and management solution created to ensure your students receive nutritionally sound meals that meet their expectations while also staying within your budget.

You can create your own menus, or you can utilize one of one of the existing menus that are created, reviewed and approved by SureQuest’s team of dietitians. Using a SureQuest menu as a starting template for your own menu, can allow you to get started rapidly. The system also includes thousands of HACCP-ready recipes to help expedite your menu creation. From cycle menus, to menus for holidays, snacks, and even emergencies, your operation is well supported.

  • Keep your costs within budget by costing your recipes and menus in advance of service
  • Create menus for multiple venues including fast food, grab-and-go, cafeteria and table dining
  • Analyze costs and nutritionals in real-time as you create or edit your menus


Calculate the cost of your menus and recipes based on pricing from multiple vendors, including your primary supplier. ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro maintains up-to-date pricing to ensure that you’re coming in on budget and receiving the best possible price per portion.

  • Reduce your food cost by costing your menus and recipes
  • Calculate the portion cost of your menu and/or recipes easily to meet your budgetary goals
  • Utilize tools that help manage your budget, such as reports showing daily cost per menu, weekly average cost and overall average menu costs
  • Build menus keeping cost in mind, easily predetermining which recipes fall within ideal budget range
  • Download your vendor’s electronic order guides to keep your pricing current


ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro includes a recipe database with over 8,000 recipes created by Registered Dietitians. Right from day one, you can start using thousands of HACCP-ready recipes either directly or edited to make them uniquely yours.  Recipes are flagged with allergens so you can communicate this data to your students.

  • Scale and print recipes to any yield to support standardization and reduce waste and save cost
  • Cost recipes on-screen as you edit them to engineer the right portion cost
  • Create recipes with 3,600+ ingredients and prepared foods that have been nutritionally linked to USDA nutritional data; nutritionally analyze your recipes on-screen
  • Print a variety of reports, including Nutrition Facts Labels


Streamline your production and reduce waste by forecasting your menus and scaling your recipes before preparing your meals. Create customized reports including yield specific recipes, checklists, temperature checks and more.

  • Reduce food cost by forecasting and producing only what you need
  • Forecast future meals and generate your ordering requirements
  • Print a variety of reports based on current feeding habits
  • Support HACCP controls in your kitchens


Save time and simplify your inventory process with ThreeSquares Cloud Pro with Financial. Integrate your food vendor pricing with the products in your storage locations to quickly and accurately calculate the value of your inventory. Reporting options include up-to-date inventory valuation, analysis of inventory by GL/accounting code, and more.

  • Limit your on-hand inventory with automated controls
  • Manage multiple storage locations
  • Enter your inventory quickly and easily
  • Support either physical or perpetual inventory
  • Manage real-time perpetual inventory so you always know what is available


With ThreeSquares Cloud Pro with Financial procurement, your orders will be based on your production needs, allowing you to control your budget and inventory.

  • Generate accurate purchase orders for all vendors based on your production needs
  • Send purchase orders to your vendors
  • Receive your orders into the system to support perpetual inventory

Display BoardsDisplay Boards

Plan and manage your food service operation more professionally and efficiently with MenuStreams.  Say goodbye to printed menus for good as the system instantly reflects your menu on touch screen displays in your dining rooms and your school’s website. Access electronic Recipes at Scale and Production Reports on touch screens in the kitchen, eliminating the printing step if desired.  The same great reports found in ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro are now taken to the next level with multiple access points.

  • Go green! Use less paper and save on paper costs with digital menu boards
  • Use any tablet to quickly access production data

Point of SalePoint of Sale

Working directly from your Point of Sale register, you can instantaneously update your Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory systems using our partners at Card Watch. Card Watch has been a leader in their industry for more than 25 years and provides seamless hardware solutions.

Web-based Training & 24/7Web-based Training & 24/7 Support

SureQuest delivers industry leading implementation, training and 24 x 7 telephone support to our customers. The system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In fact, it is easy enough to implement that 99% of customers successfully implement the system without the need of on-site training; the implementation and training is done via the web at a much lower cost than on-site training requires.

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