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ThreeSquares Cloud Pro Enterprise is designed for corporate-level menu development and publishing. It is ideal for multi-site corporations, food distributors and foodservice contractors who need to effect corporate controls over recipe design and menu costs across various regions and sites.

Create your menu cycles with ready cost and nutritional information on-screen to ensure costs are contained while nutritional requirements are met. Then, publish your menus out to your units where they can download your corporate menus for use locally. You can even setup rules regarding what data can be altered at the unit level to ensure unit compliance with cost and service expectations.

Menu MangementCycle Menu Management

Create and manage your corporate menus with ease! Whether you are a healthcare chain, food distributor or foodservice contractor, ThreeSquares provides a complete menu development and management solution created to allow required flexibility at the unit level while maintaining corporate-level quality, price and nutrition controls.

Develop national and regional menus that reflect your flair and deliver the highest quality food service to your residents, patients and guests while meeting your nutritional and financial guidelines. Determine how much flexibility is allowed at the unit level and setup rules to enforce quality, production, and purchasing compliance across all of your units. Download your vendor’s electronic order guides to cost your recipes and menus using region-specific items and pricing!

Support your customers with custom recipes and menus that feature the food items you want to sell, when you want to sell them. Strengthen your ties with your customers by offering automatically generated order guides based on your menu cycles—automated order guides can also help you reduce drops as your customers are less likely to forget to order product required for that week’s menus. Design your menus to help your customers maximize their rebate programs.

Ensure quality and pricing compliance across all of your units with corporately developed and engineered recipes and menus that address your client’s nutritional needs while tightly adhering to your cost and purchasing guidelines. Use Matrix Builder to offer local flexibility while still maintaining tight nutritional and cost controls over service at the unit level.

The system also includes thousands of HACCP-ready recipes to help expedite your menu creation. From cycle menus, to menus for holidays, snacks, and even emergencies, your operation is well supported.

  • Standardize the quality and cost of foodservice across all of your units
  • Create and publish corporate recipes and menus to support national and regional use
  • Price your menus region-by-region by downloading your vendor’s regional price catalogues
  • Provide your units with local flexibility by adding the Matrix Builder module, or lock down changes to strictly enforce compliance
  • Link your recipes to your locked vendor Order Guides to enforce purchasing compliance at the unit level
  • Create and support different menus for the different regions, markets, or venues your organization services

Using ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro at the unit level, your facilities can tie in their customer’s specific dietary needs with what is served, calculate local menu costs, and print a wide range of production reports.


Calculate the cost of your corporate menus and recipes based on pricing from multiple vendors, including your primary supplier(s). ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro Enterprise maintains up-to-date pricing to ensure that you’re coming in on budget and receiving the best possible cost per portion.

  • Reduce your food cost by costing and scaling your recipes and menus
  • Calculate the portion cost of your menu and/or recipes easily
  • Manage your budget using reports showing daily cost per menu, weekly average cost and overall average menu costs
  • Build menus keeping cost in mind, easily predetermining which recipes fall within ideal budget range


ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro Enterprise includes a recipe database with over 8,000 regular and therapeutic recipes created by Registered Dietitians. Right from day one, you can start using thousands of HACCP-ready recipes either directly or edited to make them uniquely yours.  Recipes are flagged with allergens which ensures your units prepare and serve the right food to the right people.

  • Cost and nutritionally analyze your recipes on-screen to meet your goals
  • Create recipes with 3,600+ ingredients and prepared foods that have been nutritionally linked to USDA nutritional data
  • Create corporate recipes that your units can scale to any yield they need to support standardization and reduced waste
  • Publish your recipes to units where they can print Nutrition Facts Labels and other nutrition reports
  • Create different recipe groups to support multiple markets (e.g. corrections, education, healthcare)
Looking for Kosher recipes? SureQuest partners with 'Kosher for Sure!' to offer a complete starting Kosher database including Recipes and Menus. Learn More


Your units will download your corporate recipes into ThreeSquares Cloud Pro which will allow them to streamline their production and reduce food waste by forecasting their menus and scaling their recipes before preparing their meals. Forecasts can be based on their population/customer data so production accounts for item popularity, and in healthcare environment factors like pre-selected meals, diet census, personal preferences, dislikes and related data. Your sites can create customized reports including yield specific recipes, checklists, temperature checks and more.

  • Forecast future meals for accurate production and generation of ordering requirements
  • Reduce food cost by producing only what is needed
  • Easily adapt for different types of service types and locations


Save your units significant time and simplify their inventory processes with ThreeSquares Cloud Pro. Your units can integrate their food vendor pricing with the products in their storage locations to quickly and accurately calculate and report the value of their inventory. Reporting options include up-to-date inventory valuation, analysis of inventory by GL/accounting code, and more.

  • Manage multiple storage locations
  • Enter inventory quickly and easily
  • Manage real-time perpetual inventory so units always know what is available
  • Support either physical or perpetual inventory


When you create corporate recipes and menus, you can link your vendor catalogue(s) to your inventory items so that the system forecasts the right items to buy. This is a great strategy to enforce purchasing compliance at the unit level and maximize any volume or rebate incentives you may have with your vendor(s).

  • Drive purchasing compliance from corporate
  • Ensure your units generate accurate purchase orders for all vendors based on their production needs and your corporate purchasing guidelines
  • Units may generate and send purchase orders to your vendor(s)
  • If units are doing perpetual inventory, they can receive orders into the system

Meal ServiceMeal Service

ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro Enterprise supports all types of meal service including restaurant style, non-select, pre-select, select, table-side and even room service. When your units access ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro they can download your corporate recipes and menus and then deliver accurate and cost effective service to the people they serve. From table-side ordering to tray tickets, snack labels and individualized menus, ThreeSquares Cloud Pro supports their work flows and ensures the right people receive the right food at the right time.

  • Produce the right food for the right people and deliver it to the right locations to reduce waste and ensure the satisfaction of the people your units serve
  • Account for allergies, likes, dislikes, preferences and cultural needs
  • Print tray tickets and tray cards to provide serving staff with details on each person’s needs
  • Create labels for personalized items served in addition to meals and snack stickers
  • Provide units with standard cycle menus, plus holiday and emergency menus to meet all of their needs throughout the year
  • For healthcare and corrections units, ensure dietary, texture and fluid requirements are met for each individual
  • Print Service Reports and snack delivery worksheets
  • Add MenuStreams so your unit staff can easily take selections on tablets at tableside


Using ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro, your units will have access to Personal Profiles that are fully customizable to provide person-centered care. They can easily document personal data including demographics, living location and meal delivery information in the electronic card file. The system will minimize risks regarding dietary needs, texture and fluid types, allergies, dislikes and interventions.

  • Ensure customer/resident/patient satisfaction by delivering the foods they most enjoy
  • Create and print individualized menus that consider a person’s allergies, preferences and diet order
  • Manage serving size adjustments and substitutions
  • Track eating locations by day and meal to ensure food is delivered to the right location
  • Print a variety of reports including: Service Reports, Dietary Profiles and Weight reports
  • Enter notes for additional information to further provide serving staff with guidance on personal needs
  • Print rosters and Diet Census Reports
ThreeSquares Cloud Pro can also communicate with Electronic Medical Record Systems via SureLink to ensure Admissions, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) data is seamlessly communicated between the systems.

RecipesDisplay Boards

Help your units plan and manage their food service operations more professionally and efficiently with MenuStreams.  Say goodbye to printed menus for good as the system instantly reflects your menu on touch screen displays in your dining rooms and your organization’s website. Access electronic Recipes at Scale and Production Reports on touch screens in the kitchen, eliminating the printing step if desired.  The same great reports found in ThreeSquares® Cloud Pro are now taken to the next level with multiple access points.

  • Go green! Use less paper with digital menu boards
  • Take selections at table-side
  • Use any tablet to quickly access people and production data
  • For healthcare accounts, enter select menus at bedside or make profile changes in real-time
  • For accounts that produce “show plates” eliminate this wasted food cost and use MenuStreams on tablets at table-side to shown pictures of your plated food items

RecipesPoint of Sale

Working directly from your Point of Sale register, you can instantaneously update your Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory systems using our partners at Card Watch. Card Watch has been a leader in their industry for more than 25 years and provides seamless hardware solutions.

Web-based Training & 24/7 SupportWeb-based Training & 24/7 Support

SureQuest delivers industry leading implementation, training and 24 x 7 telephone support to our customers. The system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In fact, it is easy enough to implement that 99% of customers successfully implement the system without the need of on-site training; the implementation and training is done via the web at a much lower cost than on-site training requires.

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