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Discover Our Complete Line of Food Service Management Software

Discover SureQuest’s web-based OnDemand foodservice management software suite with each component designed to work independently or together to meet the unique needs of your organization. SureQuest is committed to providing tools and resources that streamline your integrated hospitality, culinary, and dining operations; promote continuity with recipes, menus and inventory; control costs, and increase efficiency. The intuitive work flow of our cloud-based foodservice management software makes it the easiest-to-use product in the industry. Learn more about the specific product that is best for you…

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Integration Management

Product Integration Services

One of the unique values that SureQuest delivers to your customers is efficient, integrated Nutrition and FoodServices operations. We achieve this by partnering and integrating with the leading information systems, technology providers and grocery vendors. You will add value to your customer, and build loyalty, when you integrate your solution with SureQuest’s OnDemandfoodservice management software products.

  • Electronic Menu Display When you post a Daily Menu or Week-at-a-Glance Menu using Touch-Screen Monitors you make it fun for Clients and family members to see “what’s on the menu”.  Make changes known to staff and customers easily via MenuStream: Dynamic Dining and Menu Solutions.
  • Patient Information Systems Integration with your Clinical, EMR or MDS systems via SureLink ensures your Client/person information gets to dining operations when it is needed. Avoid redundant data entry, mistakes, outages, and wasted trays. Read more about SureLink
  • Spend Control Systems Integration with your Spend Control and Supply Chain Management Systems let you capitalize on an already powerful cost control and compliance tool
  • Grocery Vendor Partners Electronic purchase orders and price files are transmitted with the click of a mouse
  • Point-of-Sale Systems Instantaneously update your Billing, Accounts Receivable and Inventory systems from your POS cash register via Card Watch POS

Customer Success Services

Project Management, Training, and Support Resources

Consider the difference that people make in the success of your FoodService Management System (FSMS). A proper FSMS will touch your clinical, client, purchasing and dining operations. Do you want a team of foodservice information professionals that genuinely care about your success… or do you want a fragmented group of technicians to “support” your software?

SureQuest believes you deserve a coordinated team of professionals and resources dedicated to your continued success in nutrition and dining excellence.

  • Implementation Project Management- Once subscribed to our software, SureQuest’s dedicated implementation managers are there aiding you in a successful deployment.
  • Personalized Training– A combination of on-site, web-based, and self-directed learning tools
  • Support ServicesSupport for any issue, large or small, via several pathways; SureQuest’s Customer Portal, email, or our toll-free phone number. We make your complete satisfaction our highest priority. Read SureQuest’s Support Services Policy.
  • Database Management Services- Let our highly qualified staff maintain the nutritional database and keep you current with industry regulations and best practices.
  • UpGrading to OnDemand Training– Already familiar with ThreeSquares® installed software and transitioning to ThreeSquares® – SureQuest’s OnDemand Dining Management Software System? We can help ease you at your own pace into the functionality and design of our cloud-based foodservice software suite with our online training and tutorials. Get started with our OnDemand Conversion Glossary of Terms.

Please Contact Us for more information about how we can ensure the success of your FSMS.